Flattering review in Bookbird

IBBYS international magazine says that Grandmother’s Library is „highly relevant work“.

“Thorarinn Leifsson’s 2009 young adult novel Bókasafn Ömmu Huldar [Grandmother’s Library], inspired by the recent Icelandic financial crisis, is a creative and entertaining work that will appeal to readers of all ages. Through both words and illustrations, the author presents a dystopian future where the world is controlled by the Gold Bank (Gullbankinn), which has completely abolished all elements of culture. Although books are forbidden, the 11 -year-old protagonist, Albertina, loves reading, and is thrilled when her 158-year-old great-great-grandmother, Arnheidur Huld, who possesses magical abilities and a secret collection of books, comes to live with her family. After her parents and the parents of many of her schoolmates are captured and brainwashed by the Gold Bank, the children join forces with Grandmother Huld, who introduces them to her library and helps them save their parents and the world. It is no surprise that Thorarinn Leifsson received the 2010 Reykjavik Children’s Literature Prize for this highly relevant work.”

Natalie M. Van Deusen (Bookbird)

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