Grandmother’s Library

Albertina lives in a peculiar world. There are no books and the special educational machines in school only teach about loan interests rates. The Internet has been prohibited for years and the Gold Bank has gained control of most of the world. Finally grownups start to disappear one by one. That’s when Grandmother Huld turns up with an enormous library of books and dangerous knowledge. From now on nothing stays the same.

Grandmother’s Library came out in Iceland in 2009 and and was soon also published in Denmark, Norway, Finland, Estonia and by Salani in Italy.  it won the Reykjavik literary award in 2010 and was nominated for the Nordic countries Children book prize in 2011.

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„Highly relevant work“

– Natalie M. Van Deusen. Bookbird, IBBYS international magazine.


“In my point of view Grandmothers Library is en example of a children’s book where the author is first and foremost looking for a good story and with the story he wants make a certain point – and can an skillful writer ever be to anxious?”

Jórunn Sigurðardóttir / Seiður og Hélog (Book program) – National Radio Channel 2 (Rás 2)

“I think that a new pearl has been added to the icelandic children’s book fauna. That is why we give this book our best recommendations.”

Sigríður B. Thorarensen / – News web site, literary division

“Disgustingly entertaining. The text is full of power […] This is elegantly evident in the fabulous illustrations of the author […] great fun to read about Grandmothers Library, not least the last chapter warmed the little heart of this librarian.” Úlfhildur Dagsdóttir – Librarian & critic

“Great book – thanks! Just finished reading it – and it is powerful! In film language you could say it is as if Truffauts “Fahrenheit 451” and George Lucas “Star Wars” collide … somewhere down in a bank vault with a group of crafty kids. And the result is something utterly unique. It is great! I cant come (to the book launch in iceland) but I hope everything turns out as good as possible with the book – i just cant believe otherwise”

Birgir Thor Møller – Translator

“This is the best book in the world. Good that I have this book. This is now my favorite book! I recommend it very much (There is a waiting list but you can ask if you can have it). Best book in the world.”

Young reader – From the is website

“This is the best I have read in my life.”

Young reader – From the is website

“Great fun” Egill Helgason / Kiljan – Literary program on national television (RUV)

“Grandmothers Library has a lot to say in the times we live in.” Alexander Sær Elfarsson/ – culture web site