The Foreign Kid


The Foreign Kid premiered on November 16th 2014 in Tjarnarbio, Reykjavik. The approximately 70 minutes long piece is produced by independent theater company Glenna and intended for 6 actors in 8 roles. It is the first stage play written by Thorarinn Leifsson.

The play deals with immigration and cultural nationalism in Iceland. A normal 12 year old boy takes a so called Pitsa test. The results show that he is a foreigner. As a result the boy is stripped of all human rights and at one point even looses his ability to communicate as his surroundings pretend to not understand what he is saying.

The show received much praise and attention from the media and all 9 shows before Christmas were sold out with plans to reopen in the spring of 2015. This is seen as quite an achievement for an independent theater production in Iceland.

Halldór Halldórsson (Dóri DNA)
Þorsteinn Bachmann
María Heba Þorkelsdóttir
Magnea Björk Valdimarsdóttir
Arndís Hrönn Egilsdóttir
Benedikt Karl Gröndal

Vigdís Jakobsdóttir

Jónas Sigurðsson