Killing Tourists

The tour guide Kalmann is exhausted. Tour after tour, year after year he has had to put up with the whims and whining of tourists from all over the world, answer ridiculous questions, and deal with unexpected circumstances. But this last trip to the South Coast of Iceland really takes the cake. Not only is one of his clients found dead in his hotel room before they even start out, the murderer is onboard the tour bus, a deadly virus looms large, the weather forecast is absolute shit, and there’s definitely something not right with the detective the police sent to investigate.

A not so classic who-done-it tale in the vein of Agatha Christie, served in short chapters for binge reading, a Fargo-style tongue in cheek journey through the wasteland of the Icelandic winter. Killing Tourists is your antidote to the dreary Nordic Noir crime novels of recent years. 

Killing Tourists is a sharp and witty crime novel set in the madness of mass tourism. It offers a peek behind the scenes of Iceland’s most bizarre industry just before the Coronavirus forced the world into lockdown. Be prepared to embark on a journey with unexpected twists at every turn.

“A self-deprecating tourism crime story with a finger on the pulse.”
Dagur Gunnarsson

“The author’s style is fast and confident and rushes forward like a minibus sailing through slush, splashing out in all directions.”
Pall Asgeir Asgeirsson