"In my point of view Grandmothers Library is en example of a children's book where the author is first and foremost looking for a good story and with the story he wants make a certain point – and can an skillful writer ever be to anxious?"

Jórunn Sigurðardóttir / Seiður og Hélog (Book program) – National Radio Channel 2 (Rás 2)

"I think that a new pearl has been added to the icelandic children's book fauna. That is why we give this book our best recommendations."

Sigríður B. Thorarensen / – News web site, literary division

"Disgustingly entertaining. The text is full of power [...] This is elegantly evident in the fabulous illustrations of the author [...] great fun to read about Grandmothers Library, not least the last chapter warmed the little heart of this librarian." Úlfhildur Dagsdóttir – Librarian & critic

"Great book - thanks! Just finished reading it – and it is powerful! In film language you could say it is as if Truffauts "Fahrenheit 451" and George Lucas "Star Wars" collide … somewhere down in a bank vault with a group of crafty kids. And the result is something utterly unique. It is great! I cant come (to the book launch in iceland) but I hope everything turns out as good as possible with the book – i just cant believe otherwise"

Birgir Thor Møller – Translator

"This is the best book in the world. Good that I have this book. This is now my favorite book! I recommend it very much (There is a waiting list but you can ask if you can have it). Best book in the world." Child reader – From the is website "This is the best I have read in my life." Child reader – From the is website "Great fun" Egill Helgason / Kiljan – Literary program on national television (RUV) "Grandmothers Library has a lot to say in the times we live in." Alexander Sær Elfarsson/ – culture web site "The Roald Dahl of Iceland." Kolbrún Bergþórsdóttir/ Kiljan – Literary program on national television (RUV) "This is a book written with much energy, vivid imagination, and it is fun." Páll Baldvin Baldvinsson/ Kiljan – Literary program on national television (RUV) "To cut a long story short this work is well conceived; complex and legible. [...] appears as a pure and clear adventure with attached fables, magic and threatening and mysterious atmosphere. […] The exiting, thrilling and humorous story-line constantly surprises the reader." Ólafur Guðsteinn Kristjánsson / Morgunblaðið – Newspaper "Extremely entertaining and exciting journey." Elísabet Indra Ragnarsdóttir – National Radio Channel 1 (Rás 1) "Thórarinn Leifsson [...] Is an author to be reckoned with … Grandmothers Library is a very funny story that appeals to young and old alike. I laughed aloud while reading just as I got cold shivers down my spine! Thórarinn has a very sharp style that lets the hairs rise and teases the reader. All kids should read the books of Thórarinn. Full house!" Felix Bergsson – National Radio Channel 2 (Rás 2) "It´s entertaining in many parts and untamed in spirit" Páll Baldvin Baldvinsson / Fréttablaðið – Newspaper